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Archive of discontinued and former limited fragrances as of Summer 2015 ~

Affogato Buttery vanilla drowned in espresso, burnt sugar & a drizzle of amaretto liqueur

Camellia Freshly steeped green tea leaves cooled with crisp cucumbers

*Black and Grey Leather laced boots, bubble gum, pink peppercorn and metallic vibrations (custom LE perfume created for Glamour Doll Eyes May '15 OTM)

*Enigma Fond of sweet delicacies, Anne Boleyn enticed Henry Vlll with her tart pastry recipe, which was promptly locked away in the palace. Beguiling natural perfume oil~ Key Notes: Blood orange, sweet orange, benzoin, petitgrain (custom LE perfume oil for Aromaleigh Cosmetics May '15 Ephemera)

*Chalice Intuitive & spiritual. She's the element of water. Serene waters, cyclamen, white lilies, smooth musk and a harmonizing touch of sandalwood. (custom LE perfume oil created for Notoriously Morbid- Vanishing Cabinet: Calling Corners 6.14)

Chameleon Deep & earthy aged patchouli, sweet orange, and a bounty of other essential oils in Black Violet's steel-toe boot take on Karma

*Gold Rush The discovery was a secret too wild to keep. The news spread once samples made their way thru town. No 'striking it rich' or 'streaks of bad luck'- just crisp golden apples, juicy pineapple, ripe bananas and golden kiwi with a light & airy feminine musk. (custom LE perfume oil created for Glamour Doll Eyes Nov '14 OTM)

Ice Queen Snow capped mountains, heliotrope, juniper berry, water lily, sandalwood, vetiver and a mist swept from the sea. Poliahu is the beauty of ice-capped mountains and the fiery maiden's greatest rival. Blanketed in a robe of snow, the Ice Queen chilled Madame Pele's veins as they came face to face on Mauna Kea's slope. As the ground heated with Pele's fury, the Ice Queen turned her lava to stone

Lavandula She's the sweetest of lavender essential oils complemented by green spice of bergamot and clary sage

Lemondrop A confectioner's dream! Lemon swirled thru creamy sugar

Marrakesh The market is bustling with energy, colorful spices, and the warmth of sandalwood. Toss some carnations in your metal cart before the sun sets over the dunes with promises of sensual musk

Momotaro Floating down a stream was a ripe little peachling. When opened to eat, the couple was surprised to discover a little boy sweetly named Momotaro- which translates to peach and eldest son

Morning Mango Waking up to freshly sliced mangos and ripe papayas is the perfect start to your morning

Nag Champa From temples to VW vans, it's one of the most popular scents in the world. It may just be the experience you've been searching for~ patchouli, sandalwood and a twist of kaffir lime

Oakmoss Gown Lightening bugs dance around her as she drapes herself in damp oakmoss, earthy vetiver, and a light vanilla infusion.

Pamplemousse Quench your Parisian thirst with a pink grapefruit cocktail topped with an edible orchid. Sante!

Ringmaster Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you...spun sugar clouds of fluff with a sharp whip of Russian leather under the big top. Be intrigued by the unexpected

Sea Goddess Tropical waters, trade winds & ti leaves braided with orange blossoms. As Madame Pele dug a deep fire pit, her sister Namaka the Sea Goddess flooded the glowing embers with salt water to show her displeasure with all the destruction. The battle raged on as ocean and fire met. The Sea Goddess climbed to her windy lookout only to discover Madame Pele form thru the smoky clouds. Her steamy spirit disappeared into the crater with trade winds of island flowers as offerings

Snow White Tea Chilled white tea kissed by juicy, red apples

*Solace Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood), Ylang Ylang, Peru Balsam, Petitgrain in a limited edition essential oil blend with all proceeds going to PANCAN. This oil transforms beautifully over time and is not considered a floral, rather quite unisex

Sugar Clouds Playful and sweet~ sugar crystals, dreams of candy floss, vanilla and musk

Yuzu Cookies For hundreds of years, yuzu has been placed in Japanese baths, releasing a grapefruit and mandarin orange-like aroma. The citrus fruit is found in many exquisite dishes & drinks. Enjoy it paired with butter cookies!

*Fragrances marked with an asterisk are limited editions

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