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Drunken Flowers With hibiscus gently placed against her chestnut locks, she entwines ohana like a vine. Fragrant and sweet leaves of green, woven of plumeria and a cool island breeze. Key Notes: Plumeria (frangipani), island winds, hibiscus, fragrant maile vine

Flourish transitioned to Scent Library (general catalog)

Havana Nectar Freshly cored pear, softly reduced coconut milk, and lightly garnished with crushed ginger. Key Notes: Picked pear, creamy coconut milk, ginger

Misaki A lovely, feminine aroma which stands for beautiful blossom. Romantic & vintage. Key Notes: lily of the valley (muguet), cyclamen, buttery musk, torn green stems

Pink Cadillac transitioned to Scent Library


Candy Rocket Candy-fueled fruits propel into the atmosphere like a capsule full of fireworks. Mandarin Orange slices, Red & Black Raspberry gummies, Red Currant bon bons, Blueberry candy sticks, Pink Grapefruit sours and Lime taffy

Clouds of Glass Laying still beneath a gravel-toned sky, they awaited the prickling of rain against their skin. After the storm, their bodies were soaked in a field of leaves and petals. Key notes: Rain, Cyclamen, Basil, Fresh Cut Leaves and Daffodils

Greenwitch Her connection to the trees, herbs, plants, flowers, especially the forest has never been stronger. (A robust unisex fragrance) Key notes: Osmanthus, Oakmoss, Bergamot, Wormwood, Petitgrain, Vetiver, Clary Sage

Ginger & Lace transitioned to Scent Library


Lokelani Valentine's Day is a day to express our extraordinary love. We express our adoration for the heavenly flower, Lokelani. Only top shelf, premium essential oils for my darling~ Key notes of Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Jasmine Sambac*, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang, *Jasmine Sambac is known as Pikake in Hawaii (premium LE Valentine's Day '15 perfume)

YULE '14

Cacao B ean Just beyond the pass, nestled among the towering pines is a campy Inn with a retro red fireplace. Take in the mountain hideaway with your mug of steamed cream, curls of Alpine chocolate over Vanilla Bean infused hot cocoa.

Oscuro He briskly passes as you draw in the exotic aroma from his trench coat. You await his return only to brush against his side briefly. A mysterious blend of Agarwood (oudh), Amber, dried tobacco leaves, white musk, a hint of Patchouli, ebony

Yule Nog Fluffy white bites of marshmallow goodness immersed in eggnog & buttercream


Bavarian Apfel Cider Your stein froths over with golden apple cider alongside a slice of red currant torte, topped with slivers of almonds

Komorebi Showers of light between the colorful trees, glowing to the warm forest floor. Absinthe, Rosewood, amber musk, carnation, fallen leaves

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