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General Catalog of Fragrances

Caffè al Vetro Once considered a sinful pleasure, coffee became widely accepted as a divine aromatic brew in Venice. Coffee in a glass percolates with sophistication, romance and a sense of comfort. Indulge in our premium brew of Brazilian coffee essential oil, cocoa absolute & vanilla-like warmth of benzoin resin. (limited premium blend based on availability of components)

Cathedral Rays of light beaming thru stained glass, a carved canopy of precious rosewood and an offering of frankincense & myrrh.

Celebration Our celebratory champagne opens with a garnet bouquet of pomegranate, aromatic ripeness of boysenberry, rounded out with a garnish of cracked pink peppercorn for a playful finish.  (LE created for Black Violet's 1st Birthday)

Flourish Golden daffodils flourish beneath a canopy of trees, as the morning dew settles on their lemon-yellow corollas. A hint of spice fills the air with promise of sage and hydrangea blooming. Key Notes: daffodils, amyris essential oil (West Indian Sandalwood), morning dew, damp leaves, hydrangea, sage

Ginger & Lace Wisps of apricot hairs rise thru vintage Limerick lace draping her skin. Soft-spoken, yet intoxicating. Keynotes: soft musk, ginger lily, coconut milk, apricot

Lady Grey Legend has it that the original blend caused women to have "improper impulses" thus additional extracts were added to calm & curb unusual appetites. Black tea leaves framed by a smooth, smoky undertone of vetiver with a bright bloom of bergamot essential oil swirled in orange and lemon. Rounded out in a bold mix of amber, cedarwood, dark musk with hints of sandalwood and jasmine.

Lilikoi Fantasy is witnessing the unique blooming phases of a Hawaiian passion fruit flower. As the striking flower closes, it transforms into a sweet lilikoi fruit- creating a fragrance beyond imagination.

Madame Pele She's a fiery goddess, mankind powerless to her crimson beauty devouring the land. Patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, clary sage, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, balsam peru, neroli and musk make her a passionate one.

Paper Dolls Delicate and pale as alabaster. A vintage lactonic with comforting rice milk, pure white musk, sweet cream, and the lightly powdered warmth of her skin.

Pâtisserie Petit fours of eclairs covered in powdered sugar filled with vanilla custard, lemon meringue tarts in a buttery short dough shell brimming with lemon curd, a swirl of baked meringue & finished in a light dusting of confectioners sugar.

Pink Cadillac Unforgettable hot summer nights on the dance floor. Love & libation. Key Notes: kumquat, pink lemonade, West Indian Lime essential oil, a refreshing splash of seltzer

Red Lotus Lychee radiates a sweetness of stone fruits thru red rooibos tea. Floating lilies, cyclamen and wild geranium bring you into the courtyard with a light floral musk rounding out the fresh fragrance. (Updated with a floral musk blend, cyclamen and an aquatic note, removing a sweet component)

Steel Petals Wild violets, hummingbird nectar of sugar water & an aromatic mist of metal slowly rising into the crisp air.

Valley of the Temples Nestled among lush gardens, a reflecting pond with Japanese koi swimming under a wooden bridge is a hidden gem of tranquility. Resinous amber, Asian oud wood, calming cedarwood, exotic ambrette seed, fresh rosemary, dark olibanum, patchouli, black musk, orchid and jasmine petals.

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