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Crystal Garden July '15
Ametrine Essential oils of gingergrass, lime and lavender take you to the jungles of Bolivia to discover a rare gem of amethyst and citrine
Chalcedony These pastel beauties were the earliest material used by mankind along with sticks and rocks. Lilac, a wisp of cream, plum blossom, fresh hyacinth
Chrysoprase A quartz once mistaken for emeralds by ancient jewelers. Trace amounts of nickel result in an apple green color. Green leaves, apple, peppercorn, bamboo, fig
Morganite With the largest crystal at 600 carats from Madagascar, Black Violet mineral soaks are the perfect size for a relaxing bath. Rose milk, soft musk
Spectrolite You're more than I ever expected. Gardenia, morning dew on green vines, oakmoss, cool musk, vetiver
CLUE March '15
Bluebird The grande dame of all socialites, she's a classic beauty. A touch of powder here, a fix of feathers there & bribe to round out the event. Though a bit of a fading flower, Mrs. Peacock lives a flamboyant lifestyle, enjoying the fruits of her labor. Key notes: Blueberry accord, soft white flowers, fruity powdery musk
Crimson Kiss She plays the part of a Hollywood starlet too well. Dressed in slinky red silk, she makes it hard to keep your eyes away from her. Never without a glass of Blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon, with a disposition just as bold, yet smooth and refreshing. Key notes: Blackberries, cassis, sweet musk
Detective Notes Suspects gather in the Study with accusations and wine flowing. Pipes are nervously lit, while Scarlet lounges on a chaise like a panther. Key notes: Tangy wine accord, dried tobacco leaves, almond, sweet smokiness
Mister Green As a wise "businessman", he claims to have the key to a new venture with a quick return. With a sharp edge, it's hard to figure him out. To earn your trust, Mr. Green shows his grounded, earthy side. Key notes: Crisp, fresh green leaves, oakmoss, vetiver, galbanum- as if you're walking thru a damp rain forest after showers have passed
Secret Passage Locked behind a false armoire, a hidden door leads to a room & bed with garnet covers. Candied sweets waft thru a cracked window from the Baker's Kitchen. Key notes: Blood orange, sugar frosting, peach slices, apple, light musk