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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

Has it ever occurred to you that a simple gesture of kindness can be what turns someone's day or even perspective on life around? One cannot change the way a society functions and treats its members alone, however, one individual can be the start of a movement much greater. We see that within the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The actions of the novel's main character and narrator, Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, put an effect on her community that helps readers to see the importance of compassion and sympathy. When putting yourself from another's position you can show them they are not alone, provide a sense of purpose they may not have had and establish an interconnectedness between people.
Although our world population is well over seven billion, there can be times that we feel alone. Now imagine living in an environment with little to no contact with the outside world, to not speak to anyone on the opposite side of your front door. Those moments of loneliness would be more frequent and far greater. Arthur "Boo" Radley is a character in the novel who had not been seen outside his home in plenty of years. However, one evening he did leave to help save Scout Finch and her brother, Jem Finch from an attack. Growing up Scout was always curious about him and scared of the unknown that surrounded Mr. Radley, but that night she viewed him differently. He had saved her, something she would have not envisioned happening. What Scout believed was no longer factual, Arthur Radley was a much gentler man than the version in her head. He lacked the social skills of those Scout was accustomed to communicating with, this encouraged her to step in his shoes as her father, Atticus Finch had taught her. Scout went out of her way to ensure he was comfortable, this included seating him away from bright lighting and walking him home. Upon reaching Mr. Radley's porch Scout had a realization while imagining all the events from the past through his eyes. Her father had indeed been right all these years, one cannot understand another's life until you set yourself in their position, "Just standing on the Radley porch was enough." (Lee, page. 374). Arthur Radley had shown her kindness all these years and when finally returning the favour her act of compassion and sympathy changed his life too. Regardless of the nights and days that passed with no pleasure of the outside world, Mr. Radley had someone who now understood. For many, having one person is all they need. Scout not only managed to take away the burden of being alone for him, but she also gave others a purpose.
Do you fully know a person, or do you only know the version they show you? Someone can behave and come across a different way compared to who they are deep down. Scout learned that through Mrs. Dubose in To Kill A Mockingbird. In the eyes of Scout, the woman was viewed as unpleasant and mean. That is until one day Scout saw the opposite side of her, the weak side that showed how in need she was. The neighbour that Scout could not quite understand for a long period was the same one that "for a moment I felt sorry for" (Lee, page. 141). Previous to the moment she saw her as a fragile body laying in what was later her deathbed, Scout had never felt sympathy for her. Perhaps this sudden change in perspective is what got her to accompany Jem every day while he read to her as a punishment for a little over a month. That last while had been her distraction from her illness, from her addiction. Scout had been a part of her last purpose of life, to be set free. Sympathy is what managed to keep Mrs. Dubose going for the time it did, it could have not possibly saved her life, but it certainly saved her purpose to live. Scout Finch not only gave others a purpose, but she brought them together.
Every person encounters struggles in their life, no two people live or feel the same way. For some, it can be difficult to grasp why others behave or believe the way they do, but it is simply because we have all had different obstacles to climb that altered who we are. The Cunningham's in To Kill A Mockingbird is a family of hard working yet poor farmers who refuse things to merely be handed to them. In particular, Walter Cunningham is a schoolmate of Scout who appears throughout the novel. She starts to look from their perspective when her father Atticus explains why Mr. Cunningham, Walter's dad, leaves his way of payment for his services on their porch to keep his pride. Scout's understanding and compassion are shown when she stands up for Walter in school and far later when a discussion with Jem arises. Scout goes on to say that “Nothin’s wrong with him. Naw, Jem, I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.” (Lee, page. 304). Scout Finch understands that social inequalities can put a label on someone. Society's expectations are what creates the divide we have between humans. Without Scout’s compassion or sympathy for The Cunningham family, they would be pushed away as members of the community by yet another person. She stood up for them with and without their presence and that is one of the greatest things a person can do, it helped make their struggles easier. One should not be looked down upon because of their wealth, or their race and beliefs for that matter. Understanding can go a long way as Scout so deeply showed the family who could use a little bit more of it.
To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel that can show readers that a change in perspective makes a difference much greater than what meets the eye. Although one cannot change the way a society functions and treats its members alone, one individual can be the start of a movement much greater. Scout Finch was the start of a change, she shows the impact of her compassion and sympathy on individuals that can lead to a chain reaction through the community. This novel takes place in the 1930s and although we still have imperfections we have greatly evolved. It took many people over time to take small steps that lead to this change. Scout did this every day showing others they were not alone, adding to their purpose of life and creating a connection between people. I've benefited from Homeworkfor.me. This platform contains many templates of essays, research papers, and observation paper ideas. One can use them for free.